Visiting Lake Havasu City?

Please let us know how we can help with kosher food, Shabbat or anything Jewish related.

Currently, we do not have a regular minyan on Shabbos or weekdays. Contact us to find out if there will be one when your are here.


Chabad is located on the Southside of the city, near Saratoga Ave and Jamaica Blvd S. For our address, please contact us

Kosher food: 

There are no kosher restaurants in or near Lake Havasu City. The closest kosher outlets are in Las Vegas. 

Smiths, Albertsons, Safeway and Bashas all carry various kosher products in-store. Most have kosher Pas Yisrael bagels and challah (Chompies brand marked OK Pas Yisrael or Arizona K Pas Yisrael). Some of the above stores carry several kosher wines, including Bartenura Moscato and Baron Herzog.

Smiths has several frozen kosher products at the end of their freezer aisle, including gefilte fish and Cholov Yisrael frozen pizza. 

For Shabbat kosher catering, please contact Chabad for a menu and prices by Tuesday. If you call on Friday morning, we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate your request.


The closest hotels to Chabad are more than a 45 min walk away, or at least 2.5 miles. Other nearby options are vacation rentals or AirBnb. 

For bookings at the Hampton Inn, feel free to use Chabad's special rate: 

Reserve online: →add arrival & departure dates click special rates→ add ID number: # 002766046→enter.

Or call: 928-855-4071 and quote the above ID number.


The closest mikvah is 2.5 hours away in Las Vegas. Lake Havasu and the Colorado River are not kosher for tevilah, including for tevilas keilim (immersing dishes). For more information, contact a competent Orthodox rabbi.