Israel is Under Attack!

What can you do?


1. Attend the evening in solidarity with the people of Israel this Thursday:

2. Take on a mitzvah resolution and provide our soldiers with spiritual ammunition.

We, the Jewish people, are all one body. What happens to the foot impacts the head, and vice versa. Every mitzvah one Jew does, anywhere in the world, has a powerful protective influence on our fellow Jews living in Israel. So, do even one more mitzvah, and with G‑d’s help, we will collectively see remarkable victory and salvation very soon!

Submit your mitzvah on Chabad Havasu's OneMitzvah page.

3. Donate to the efforts to support the military and civilians alike.

Chabad centers around the world have teamed up to raise funds to boost the vital aid being provided by the 500 Chabad centers in Israel and their rabbis volunteering on the front lines.

Donate here.

4. Pray!

Dedicate a daily prayer for our brethren in Israel. Psalms are especially appropriate for times like this. But feel free to go off-script and speak to G‑d directly in your own words, too. While praying, keep in mind those who were injured in the attacks, the families of the victims, and those taken hostage, in addition to all of Israel. The prayer of children is considered to be particularly potent.

Link: Psalms. (Chapter 20 has a special significance at times such as these.)

5. Take up Arms!

While you may not be able to fly to Israel and volunteer in the army, you can spiritually assist our men and women fighting on the front lines and deter the enemy. Before the outbreak of the Six Day War in 1967, the Rebbe prompted a literal “call to arms” to encourage Jewish males to don the holy heart-and-mind connectors known as  tefillin, whose spiritual potency is foretold in the Talmud to help instill fear and deterrence in the enemy.

Come to Chabad any time before sunset any day and we will assist you in wrapping tefillin.