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Tucked away in western Arizona, Lake Havasu City is a fast-growing town popular with retirees, young families and home to a thriving tourism sector. Surrounded by mountains and the shimmering water of Lake Havasu, it's a picturesque destination--and holds the record of the hottest temperature ever recorded in a US city. 


While its remote location--some 150 miles from the nearest large city--increase the allure of Havasu, it means that opportunities to experience authentic Yiddishkeit are seldom and fleeting. Rabbi Mendel and Itta Super with their young daughter, Kayla, are moving in just three weeks to build the only Chabad House in Arizona's largest and most isolated county.


Help us transform the landscape of the city one home and one neshamah at a time. One more girl lighting Shabbos candles, another home with a mezuzah and another family joining us on Friday night.


We've almost reached our goal of $100,000 to kickstart our Shlichus, please get us to the finish line and may Hashem bless you in all your endeavors.


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