We are thrilled to introduce the Havasu Jewish Lending Library, a trove of Jewish knowledge right here in our community. This unique library boasts an extensive collection of English language Jewish books, catering to a wide range of interests and age groups.

Whether you are curious about Jewish history, eager to explore the depths of Jewish mysticism, seeking practical guidance on living a Jewish life, or looking for engaging children's titles that teach Jewish values, our library has something for everyone.

Our shelves are filled with a diverse selection of books on topics such as Jewish history, theology, philosophy, ethics, and spirituality. We also have an impressive collection of books on practical Judaism, providing guidance on Jewish rituals, holidays, and daily life. No matter where you are on your Jewish journey, our library is here to support and enrich your learning experience.

To browse the selection and borrow titles, simply visit the virtual catalog below or visit us in-person. 

To create an account, visit Librarika.com to create an account, then under "My Libraries" request member access to https://jewish.librarika.com. 

We will approve your account shortly. 

No dues are required to join the library and borrow books,

Note: An account is not needed to browse our catalog.